Draft Analyzer (Classic Version)

  1. Summary Draft Grid
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  • The Draft Status is shown at the top of the page, emphasizing who is drafting, the selection number, the current round and pick for that round in that order.
  • The Draft Order shows the current and previous rounds labeled by team name. The board shows the team currently on the clock, along with other numbers (i.e. Pick #1, Pick #24) which represent the current overall selection. For the user, it also shows the optimal selections for those picks.

2. Standings and Mock Draft Tools

  • Standings is a feature which ranks every team’s draft, showing the cumulative projected points for all starters, as well as bench points.
  • Mock Draft is a list of functions which allows the user to run mock drafts at their discretion. Draft Tools will adjust the progress of the draft with the additional ability to export and import custom projections.
  • Clicking Export Projections uploads the current numbers, along with ADP into an Excel Spreadsheet. The sheet can be adjusted accordingly to preference and once saved, returned to the draft page by clicking Upload Custom. Drag and drop the spreadsheet into the gray bar, which will automatically place the custom projections in the DA page.

3. GM Tools

  • GM Tools are how the user can customize their draft strategy. By clicking on the yellow settings button, a drop down tab will show, giving the ability to make custom blends for player projections, adjust their optimal drafting strategy, show stretch picks, and select an ADP source.
  • Showing Stretch Picks will show the user throughout the draft the possibility that they will be able to wait on picking a player, rather than select him with the current selection. ADP Sources show the Average Draft Position for each player from each of the six respective sights. 
  • Select Player Projections is where the user can adjust the influence sources have on point projections for players. As a default, projections are evenly influenced by all the sources the user is subscribed to. If they prefer to have one source more than others, percentages can be adjusted accordingly, which will change projections for all players instantly. The numbers must all add up to 100%.
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  • Select Draft Strategy by Position is a feature which allows the user to optimize their team by giving more or less emphasis for the Draft Plan to target a particular position (i.e. By putting 10% in the RB category for starters, the Draft Plan will adjust optimally to make sure they will have a stronger core of running backs than currently suggested. Instead of going RB, WR, RB in the first three rounds, the Plan may suggest the user selects RB, RB, WR).
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4. Top Recommended Tool

  • Top Recommended Tool is a feature which shows the five most recommended players to draft with that pick. This list also gives an ability to view a player’s statistics from the previous two seasons and their projected stats for the upcoming year. The user may also filter the recommended list by position.
  • The feature is also where a user would target, avoid or place a player on the watchlist. Web Links gives the ability to redirect to the player’s page on any of the six available sites.

5. Projected Team and Lists

  • The Projected Team is a quick view of the user’s Draft Plan. This shows every projected pick round-by-round. These players can be filtered to view only the Starters or Bench by clicking each respected tab above the list.
  • The Watchlist, Targeted and Avoided players list can be accessed in this area. You can view each player in the category organized by position like so.
  • Draft Value Trends is an analytical tool which shows the value the user can lose by not taking a player of that position with the current pick or next pick (i.e. With this current pick it shows the user will lose 76 projected points by not taking a RB with this selection. Because other positions are not nearly as risky of a loss, it is most ideal to take a RB with this pick. Same thing applies for the list next to it, but this one takes into account the value lost if a position is not taken over the next two rounds).

6. Player Rankings

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  • Player Rankings is the feature showing all the players available. The left-most column is ranked by ADP, while the remaining columns are positional, filtered by position rank. 
  • By clicking View, this will place the specific player in the Player Focus above the Draft Plan.
  • Players optimally suggested will appear orange, targeted will appear as dark green, and avoided players will appear red.

7. Optimal Team

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  • Optimal Team shows the user their roster as a depth chart. Players are placed starting from an optimal standpoint, but are mixed in with drafted players once they are selected. This chart shows the pick each player was selected, along with their projected fantasy points and the value the user gained by taking said player (VBD).

8. Draft Plan 

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  • Step 1 is the Draft Plan, where the user can modify and customize their strategy. There is a list of positions next to each round and by selecting positions they desire to target, the Optimal Team will adjust accordingly. If a player is targeted, (i.e. Godwin – 5th round) selecting a position to target will not be an option as that player will be the only one suggested if still available in that round. 
  • Step two is View Best Available Player which shows the best valued player for each position targeted in every round.
  • These two steps result in the creation of a user’s Optimal Team

9. Draft Grid

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  • The Draft Grid is an up-to-the-minute feature that shows the entire progress of the draft. Each pick is displayed in numerical order and can be read based on the format of the draft order, beginning from left to right. Draft results can also be exported at the top right of the page.

10. Fantasy Rosters

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  • The Fantasy Rosters function is where the user can view the progress of the draft based on a team’s roster. Users can see how the starters and bench stack up against one another from a positional standpoint. 

11. NFL Rosters

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  • The NFL Rosters displays the depth chart of each NFL team. Teams can be searched on the page by alphabetical order or by the NFL offensive team ranking from the previous season. Once drafted, players within the depth charts will appear faded while available players will be color coded.