Auction Analyzer

*For ESPN Auction Drafts, the view will be switched to Player History after every winning bid and switch back once a player is nominated to ensure the picks properly sync.*

1. Draft Board

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  • The Draft Board shows each team, along with the amount the users have spent, along with maximum amount they are able to bid with their remaining budget.

2. Standings and Auction Tools

  • Standings is a feature which ranks every team’s draft, showing the cumulative projected points for all starters, as well as bench points.

  • Auction Tools are functions which allow the user to adjust the draft if entering picks in manually. They can rewind player selections as well as restart the Auction Draft. The user can also export the list of projections and prices into an excel document.

3. GM Tools

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  • Select Player Projections is a tool where the user can adjust the influence sources have on point projections for players. As a default, projections are evenly influenced by all the sources the user is subscribed to. If they prefer to have one source more than others, users can adjust the percentages accordingly, which will change projections for all players instantly. The numbers must all add up to 100%.

4. Player Focus and Top Recommended

  • The Play Focus is a place the user can view a player along with essential details such as Point and Statistical Projections, Average Bid Values, Positional Value, among other things.
  • This feature is where a user also would target, avoid or place a player on the watchlist. The Web Links button gives them the ability to redirect to the player’s page on any of the six available sites.
  • Top Recommended Tool is a feature which shows the five most valuable players currently available to bid on. This can be filtered by position.

5. Optimal Team and Player Lists

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  • Optimal Team shows the user their projected team with the suggested amount to bid for each play.
  • Players who have been targeted with be highlighted in green.
  • The user can also view their list of targeted, avoided, and watchlisted players through this feature.

6. Rankings

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  •  Rankings is the feature showing all the players available. The left-most column is ranked by ADP, while the remaining columns are positional, filtered by position rank.
  • Each player shows a range of a suggested bidding price, average bid price, VBD, and projected fantasy points.
  • Players optimally suggested will appear orange, targeted will appear as dark green, and avoided players will appear red.
  • By clicking View, this will place the specific player in the Player Focus above the Draft Plan.

7. Fantasy Rosters

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Fantasy Rosters is where the user can view the progress of the draft based on a team’s roster. Users can see how the starters and bench stack up against one another from a positional standpoint. 

8. NFL Rosters

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NFL Rosters will display the depth chart of each NFL team. Teams can be searched on the page by alphabetical order or by the NFL offensive team ranking from the previous season. Once drafted, players within the depth charts will appear faded while available players will be color coded.

9. Auction Plan

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  • Auction Plan is how a user can adjust their Optimal Plan by budgeting where they would like to spend their money.
  • The percentages are the amount of the budget desired to spend on each position group (i.e. Spending 8% of a $200 budget will give $16 to spend on a starting QB). The numbers must be lesser or equal to 100% or the total budget allowed.
  • The allocated amount will appear red if the plan does not meet the requirements to stay under the budgeted amount.
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