Keepers Within Draft Analyzer

Leagues can be set up to implement keepers in a variety of ways. Some call for Keepers to be counted within the draft, while others take Keepers out of the drafting process entirely.

Before the draft begins, regardless of keeper format, the players will appear on their owner's roster in the Fantasy Rosters tab. The user will have the league's required amount of player for a roster after the draft ends, including keepers. If a league requires 15 players in total, but Team 2 has two keepers, they will only get a total of 13 selections during the draft.

Keepers With a Round Designation

  • When players are entered as a keeper with a round designation, the player will be counted as a part of that team and will replace the selection for that round. 
  • The player will not be available to be drafted and the user will lose the privilege of drafting in that round, and in turn, be skipped during that round when the draft takes place.
  • All keepers before the draft takes place will not only show under Fantasy Rosters, but also under Draft Grid. (Players will be labeled i.e. K7 to show what overall selection will be replaced with that player).

Keepers without a Round Designation

  • If Keepers are not assigned by a round, the beginning of the draft will not be affected. 
  • Teams will draft as constructed and players designated as keepers will be removed from the draft pool.
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