Chrome Extension

*Note: The Chrome Extension is now available on TWO internet browsers. You can now use either Google Chrome or the newest version of Microsoft Edge.*

  • Clicking on Chrome Extension installed or Chrome Browser Extension (both redirect to the same page) will bring the user to the chrome web store.
  • In the upper right corner of the page, clicking Add to Chrome will bring the user to a window.
  • Click “Add extension” and return to home page. The user will now have the ability to sync a Draft Analyzer with their draft site.

The following link will redirect you to the Chrome Store:

*The extension uploads automatically but will require a page refresh if the user has left their browser open for a while. The user would need to refresh the page to load the latest extension files if in the middle of the draft. If a draft is about to start, when the user opens Draft Analyzer and theirdraft room, those new files will automatically load for them.*