Chrome Drops Support

GOOGLE'S CHROME BROWSER has quietly dropped support for OS X 10.9 Mavericks, forcing Mac users to upgrade to a newer version of Apple's desktop OS.

The Reg has the scoop, having heard from disgruntled MacBook users that Chrome has automatically updated to a newer version that requires OS X 10.10 Yosemite - meaning those still running Mavericks can no longer launch the browser.

Although Google has remained tight-lipped about the move, it shouldn't come as a surprise. The firm has long warned macOS users that it would be dropping support for Mavericks - which first made its debut in October 2013 - and Chrome's requirements page lists Mac OS X 10.10 as the oldest supported version.

Still, Chrome's dropping of support for OS X 10.9 will likely affect many. Although the OS hasn't received an update for two years, figures from StatCounter show that Mavericks is still used by 3.38 per cent of Mac users globally. Given that there are 180 million devices running macOS, six million people could find themselves browser-less. 

Users can instead opt to use Apple's homegrown Safari browser of Mozilla's Firefox, which still supports OS X 10.9. The Reg notes that Opera isn't an option, though, as it - like Chrome - also requires Yosemite or later. 

This isn't the only bad news Mac users have received recently. At its hardware-free WWDC conference last month, Apple announced that it's latest desktop OS, macOS 10.14 Mojave, won't support Macbooks released before 2012.

Mojave, set to make its debut later this year, brings with it a system-wide dark mode, a feature called 'Desktop Stacks' for auto-neatening of your messy desktop, an overhauled version of the Mac App Store and a bunch of privacy and security-focused features, including a souped-up version Safari's Intelligent Tracking Prevention.

During the unveiling of macOS 10.14, Apple also gave a peek at its multi-year project to bring UIKit-made iOS apps to the Mac, with the firm's own Home, News and Stocks apps to be among the first. The feature, which will make it easy to port apps with minimal changes to code, will be made available to developers next year.

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