Draft Analyzer (Draft Hero Version)

*The Draft Hero version is the most user friendly recommended for basic drafts, but some of the advanced features aren't quite bullet proof yet as it is new. We are fixing everything we can, but if you depend on the advanced features like the Draft Plan and targeting players, the Black or Classic White versions should be used for this weekend. Draft Hero should be 100% soon.*

1.      Summary Draft Grid and Draft Controls

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  •    The Draft Status is shown at the top of the page, emphasizing the selection number, current round, and who is drafting in that order.
  • The Draft Order shows the current and previous rounds labeled by team name. The board shows the team currently on the clock, along with other numbers (i.e. 1.4 or 2.7) which represent the current round, along with the numbered pick for said round, respectively.
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  • The user can run several mock drafts at their discretion. Pressing Start Mock allows a mock draft to run using ADPs, along with randomness, to make each mock unique. This allows the user to get familiar with the software and develop their best draft strategy. During the mock draft, the user can restart, fast forward, or rewind at any point using the Draft Controls along the top of the page.

2.      Roster Summary and Rosters List

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  • Roster Summary shows the roster settings of the league. These numbers (i.e RB: 0/4) show the amount of players the user has drafted currently out of the maximum amount set for each position.
  • The second feature to the Roster Summary below represents the amount of points the current roster will score per game. This is broken down by position to show how strong the depth of the roster is. The numbers (i.e. WR: 33/35) show the points per game group of starters of said position will accumulate compared to the amount the bench will.
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  • The Rosters List below displays the user’s roster in its entirety. Any team can be viewed in this area.

3.      Player Focus

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  • The Player Focus is an in-depth look at an individual player. This will show the user numbers such as the player’s position rank, ADP, VAR, 2018 fantasy points, and 2019 projected points. The user is also able to target, avoid, or place player in your comparison list in this feature.
  • Clicking on “Show more” gives the user the ability to view more numbers and information such as statistics from up to three seasons prior, along with statistical predictions for the upcoming season, news, an outlook for the player, and a week by week ranking showing the player’s performance from the previous season. 

4.      Draft Analytics

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  • Draft Value is an analytical tool that shows the user points they will gain by taking a player for each respective position compared to waiting 2+ rounds. For example, +113 RB represents a significant amount of points gained by taking a running back with the upcoming pick rather than waiting 2 rounds for said position, therefore, it is ideal to select a running back with the next pick.
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  • Value Above Replacement is another tool emphasizing the points a user can gain by drafting a certain position rather than waiting to pick a player from that same position via waiver wire. For example, later in the draft when the user is filling out the rest of their roster, there will be data (i.e. +5 TE) showing the points gained drafting a tight end instead of waiting for free agency. The difference is not as significant as it would likely be for other positions at the time, so it could be more beneficial to target other positions until that number becomes more significant.

5.      Player Lists

  • Top 5 Recommended is a list showing users the five players most ideal to take with their upcoming draft pick. A player in this list can be drafted through the Draft button or removed from the list in its entirety by pressing avoid.
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  • My Draft Plan is a feature that projects the user’s optimal team based on draft order. The user can adjust which positions they would like to target each round by selecting the position icons desired, which will alternate the draft plan accordingly.
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  • Compare Players is a new feature which allows a user to choose up to five players and compare them. Select “View” below the list of players, which will result in a page-long window filled with analysis of the players with information such as:
    1. Point Projections by five different sources
    2. Fantasy points scored each of the last three years
    3. ADP among multiple fantasy sites
    4. A weekly performance chart from the previous season
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  •  This page can be accessed by either clicking the Compare tab at the bottom of the screen or pressing F7.
  • My Targets is a list of players the user has expressed interest in before the draft. The user will now be able to create a list of players to potentially draft as well as adjusting the algorithms to fit said “targets” into their draft plan. A player can be targeted by clicking his box on the draft board, then pressing “Target” below Compare (Players can also be avoided and ultimately removed from all draft plans).
  • My Watchlist is a list of players the user has expressed interest in before the draft. Players of the user’s discretion will be put in the My Watchlist Tab, in result giving a list of potential candidates to draft. The user can “watch” a player by looking under his picture.

6.      Player Search/Quick Draft Bar

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  • The Player Search is a bar which you can lookup and view any player desired. The Draft Player box adjacent to it allows the user to select the player to be queued, allowing that player to be selected should the time for their next selection expire. The feature can also be accessed by pressing F12.

7.      Player Rankings/Draft Board

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  • The Player Rankings/Draft Board is the feature showing all the players available. The board shows the top 25 available of each respective group, unless the “Show More” tab is accessed for any of the columns at the bottom of each list. If accessed, the user can now view the next 15 players ranked in said column (i.e. Top 40, then Top 55, etc.). The left-most column is ranked by ADP, while the remaining columns are positional, filtered by position rank. Defenses and Kickers will be shown by clicking on “View K/DT” above the TE group.

8.      Draft Grid and Fantasy Rosters

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  • The Draft Grid is an up-to-the-minute feature showing the entire progress of the draft. Each pick is displayed in numerical order and can be read based on the format of the draft order, beginning from left to right. This page can be accessed by either clicking Draft Grid at the bottom of the screen or pressing F2.
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  • Fantasy Rosters is a similar concept, only now the user can view the progress of the draft based on a team’s roster. Users can see how the starters and bench stack up against one another from a positional standpoint. This page can be accessed by either clicking Fantasy Rosters at the bottom of the screen or pressing F3.

9.   NFL Rosters

  • NFL Rosters display the depth chart of each NFL team. Teams can be searched by alphabetical order or by the NFL offensive team ranking from the previous season. Once drafted, players within the depth charts will be color coded. This page can be accessed by either clicking NFL Rosters at the bottom of the screen or pressing F4.

10.   Standings

  • This page can be accessed by either clicking on Standings at the bottom of the screen or pressing F6.

11. GM Tools

  • GM Tools are how the user can customize their draft strategy. Showing Stretch Picks will show the user throughout the draft the possibility that they will be able to wait on picking a player, rather than select him with the current selection. ADP Sources show the Average Draft Position for each player from each of the six respective sights.
  • Select Draft Strategy by Position is a feature which allows the user to optimize their team by giving more or less emphasis for the Draft Plan to target a particular position (i.e. By putting 10% in the RB category for starters, the Draft Plan will adjust optimally to make sure they will have a stronger core of running backs than currently suggested. Instead of going RB, WR, RB in the first three rounds, the Plan may suggest the user selects RB, RB, WR).
  • Select Player Projections is a tool where the user can adjust the influence sources have on point projections for players. As a default, projections are evenly influenced by all the sources the user is subscribed to. If they prefer to have one source more than others, users can adjust the percentages accordingly, which will change projections for all players instantly. The numbers must all add up to 100%.
  • This page can be accessed by either clicking on GM Tools at the bottom of the screen or pressing F9.